Aunt Blabby is the new Dear Abby

    When I was a wee girl, my nickname was Aunt Blabby. Because of all my blabbing. Things haven't changed much. I still talk too much but now a lot of the time it's because people want me to. They … [Read More...]


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    Porn and Pork Chops: A F*ck You, Dinner Recipe

    Porn and cooking. I cannot say enough about how important it is for parents to teach kids about both of these things. I'm going to tell you a little story about this. If you want to hear it, read on. If not, fuck off. And I don't mean that in a mean … [Read More...]

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    Dear Janet

    Dear Janet, You told me to call you Janet, but I never got comfortable calling you by your first name. I also never got comfortable trying new foods like you said I would, but I’m not afraid and I try 'em all. I will be forever grateful to you for making … [Read More...]


    Why smart teenagers do stupid things

    Do you ever wonder how your teenager can be smart and kind, yet frequently do stupid, thoughtless things? Welcome to the fucking club. The other night when I got home from work, I popped into my son's room to say goodnight. He was propped up in bed, … [Read More...]