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Dear Janet

Dear Janet, You told me to call you Janet, but I never got comfortable calling you by your first name. I also never got comfortable trying new foods like you said I would, but I’m not afraid and I … [Read More...]


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No Free Lunch!

Will I share an open letter to a mini-van thief, a graphic you created, help you win a trip, pay your bills, Go-fund your something or other, shout out a new blog, promote your book, business, product, Etsy store or YouTube video? Maybe. The Moms Who … [Read More...]

OMG cutest dog evuh! Rescue from Midwest Dachshund Rescue!

Thog – A Therapy Blog

People love free shit. LOVE. I am a people and I love free shit and that is why I know that people love free shit. I am a psychotherapist and so often, people come to me wanting free shit and by shit I mean therapy or mental health advice. I get that. I do. … [Read More...]