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Happy National Coffee Day

Today is National Coffee Day. It's my second favorite holiday, Thanksgiving being my first favorite, but since Thanksgiving always includes coffee, for me, I also call Thanksgiving, National … [Read More...]


I really didn't!

Debating with devoted dick suckers is pun

  So yesterday I posted a blog about blowjobs that was full of penis euphemisms and women (and men) came out of the woodwork declaring their love for sucking dick. First of all, before I address the enthusiastic goddesses (and gods) of the knob … [Read More...]

On Wednesdays in July we talk about sex

On Wednesdays in July we talk about sex

  Blow jobs. Fellatio. Polishing the knob. Giving head. Oral Sex. Blah, blah, blah… Men love getting it. Women love…making men earn it. What? It’s true. Let me tell you something that is also true. A number of years ago, after having my second … [Read More...]